Monday, July 27, 2009

Sustinet becomes law while Health Care Partnership blocked.

Health care reform scored a victory last week with approval of the Sustinet legislation.  The legislature overrode the veto of Gov. M. Jodi Rell to make this health care reform legislation law.

The Sustinet legislation provides for the creation of a comprehensive health care system in Connecticut to provide affordable quality health care.  The final health plan created under the Sustinet process will require final approval of the legislature, and the planning process created under the legislation will make Connecticut ready for the health care reform under debate in Congress.

This an important victory for the people of our state.  It is finally a great step toward toward affordable quality health care.

The state House of Representatives also overrode Gov. Rell's veto of the Health Care Partnership legislation, but the state Senate fell one vote short of the needed 24 votes to make the legislation law.  The Health Partnership would save municipalities and small businesses money by opening the state health pool to them.

The Health Care Partnership legislation could save New Britain taxpayers $900,000 a year.  And it would help small businesses to save money and create jobs.  All elected officials should be in support of this legislation to save taxpayers and small businesses money.

The people of our state won a good victory on affordable quality health care. But, between the implementation of Sustinet and the need to win on the Health Care Partnership, there is still more work to do to achieve affordable quality health care for all.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Meeting to Address Wal-Mart Closure.

This article was in the New Britain Herald yesterday:

Since that article I have spoken with state Labor Commissioner Patricia H. Mayfield, who is working on helping the workers as well.