Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow parking ban for New Britain 5pm today (Dec 29th) to 6pm Dec 30th.

With the predicted snowfall coming, a parking ban will be in effect for New Britain starting at 5pm today (Saturday, December 29th). It will continue to be in effect until at least 6pm tomorrow (Sunday, December 30th).

So the city snow plows can clear the streets of snow, parking will not be allowed city streets while a parking ban is in effect. This is important because it is very difficult to completely clear the streets afterwards if people are parked on the streets during and immediately after a significant snowfall.

However, free parking will be available at the following locations during the ban:
  *   Osgood Park
  *   Stanley Golf Course
  *   Quonset hut parking lot at 655 Slater Road
  *   City parking lot at Wildwood St. & Linden St. (next to Police substation)
  *   Washington Park (lot opposite Gold Street)
  *   Martha Hart Park
  *   City parking garages (Bank St. /Chestnut St. & Columbus Blvd. at the corner of Washington St.)
There are no parking fees for parking in any of these places while a parking ban is in effect, though it does not look like this parking ban will still be in effect on Monday.

By the way, I am subject to the inconvenience of this, myself. Since I live in a downtown home with no off-street parking, I have moved my family's cars to the city parking garages downtown.

Also, free winter (treated) sand is available to New Britain residents at the following locations:
EASTWICK COURT (in Park area);
LINDEN STREET (Parking Lot at northwest corner of Wildwood St.);
MARTHA HART PARK (Parking lot off Corbin Ave.);
MCCLINTOCK ST. (Park area between Commonwealth Ave. and Eddy Glover Blvd.);
OSGOOD AVE. (Parking lot in Osgood Park);
ROCKY HILL AVE. (Northeast corner of Ellis St.);
STANLEY ST. (A. W. Stanley parking lot opposite Huber St.);
WASHINGTON PARK (Parking lot opposite Gold St.);
WILLOW BROOK PARK (Parking area near old tennis courts off South Main St.).
Thank you for your cooperation. And please, be safe during the inclement weather.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Mayor Tim O'Brien and family.

From my family to your's

have a very Merry Christmas!

May this season of light brighten your lives. I hope you enjoy happy times with family and loved ones, and that this season of hope brings the promise of a bright future for you and your family.

And may this time of joy bring New Britain, our state and our nation the hope for a better a tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

~Mayor Tim O'Brien

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Britain vigil for the victims in Newtown, December 23rd at 6pm in Central Park

Message from Mayor Tim O'Brien:

Words cannot express how terrible the shootings in Newtown today are.

Our children are precious, and I know everyone, especially parents, are heartsick for the little ones whose lives were taken today, and deeply sad for their parents and families. For my own part, I could only think powerfully of how much my little daughter means to me when I heard the terrible news - and I know all parents felt the same way.

It is shocking, angering, tragic and terrible. I know that I speak for everyone in New Britain in expressing deep sadness for the victims - children, teachers and others - and heartfelt condolence and sympathy for their families, loved ones and friends - and for the people of the town of Newtown.

I am inviting the people of our city to come together as a community, on December 23rd at 6pm in Central Park in downtown New Britain, for a vigil to remember those whose lives were taken and show support for their families and loved ones - and the people Newtown. Other cities and towns in the state are organizing similar vigils on the evening of the 23rd, as well.

Please spread the word about this, and take care.